Synthetic & Oriental Rug Cleaning

Extreme Clean Carpets LLC takes rug cleaning to a whole new level, utilizing advanced procedures to liberate your rug from dirt, grime, and particulate matter. Our comprehensive step-by-step process, executed by skilled rug cleaning specialists, covers a 50-mile radius from Menomonee Falls, WI, reaching areas from New Holstein to Lake Geneva and Lake Mills, including Milwaukee, Waukesha, Racine, Washington, and Ozaukee counties.

Explore the meticulous rug cleaning journey with Extreme Clean Carpets LLC:

Preliminary Inspection:

Our experts conduct a thorough inspection to assess the soil level, identify stains, and address specific cleaning requirements.

Deep Dusting:

Employing automated dusting equipment, we perform a deep dusting to eliminate ground-in dirt and solid debris ingrained over time.Pre-Treatment & Pre-


Specialized spot-erasing treatment preps the rug’s fibers for stain removal, while pre-cleaning targets heavily soiled areas in high-traffic zones.

Rug Cleaning & Agitation:

Using a blend of hot water and cleaning solution, we dissolve soil and loosen grime, preparing them for removal through agitation.

Water & Soil Extraction:

A powerful extractor suction process ensures the removal of water, soil, and cleaning solution from both sides of the rug, facilitating quicker drying.

Careful Grooming:

Specialized grooming tools restore the rug’s nap to its natural look, ensuring it dries in optimal condition.

Climate-Controlled Drying:

Our modern drying chamber, equipped with climate control, evaporates residual moisture, completing the drying process within a day.

Final Inspection & Delivery:

A final inspection guarantees adherence to our high standards. Once satisfied, we roll, wrap, and deliver your rejuvenated rug to your doorstep.

Our State-of-the-Art Professional Rug Cleaning Facility boasts the latest equipment, ensuring a meticulous cleansing process for your area rugs, preserving their color and vibrancy.

During your rug cleaning service appointment, our specialists arrive promptly, assess your rug, and discuss details. With your approval, your rug undergoes our multi-step process at our cutting-edge facility before being returned to your home for a thorough inspection, ensuring your complete satisfaction.

Experience the Extreme Clean Carpets LLC difference – where your rugs receive the care they deserve. Contact us today at +1 414-469-4670 or via email for a transformative rug cleaning service.

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